ThompsonProf. Murray Thomson (University of Toronto) leads the Combustion Research Laboratory. His research is in the area of combustion with a focus on combustion modeling, pollutant formation biofuels and optical sensors. He was twice a project leader for the AUTO21 National Centre of Excellence in the area of biofuels. He is a member of the Research Management Committee of the BioFuelNet NSERC NCE. He is on the organizing committee of the International Sooting Flame Workshop. He is on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Section of the Combustion Institute. His recent awards include a NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, Fellow of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers and By-Fellow at Cambridge University.

BergthorsonProf. Jeffrey M. Bergthorson (McGill University) leads the Alternative Fuels Laboratory, whose research focuses on the development and validation of combustion, kinetics, and fluid mechanics models based on experiments using advanced laser diagnostics. His current research focuses on biofuels, advanced burners, low-calorific alternative fuels, low-NOx gas turbine engines, and combustion of metals as zero-carbon-emission renewable energy carriers. Profs. Thomson and Bergthorson are the combustion theme co-leaders for the BioFuelNet NSERC NCE in biofuels and bioenergy. Prof. Bergthorson is a member of the editorial board of Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, and his awards include a Fellowship for Excellence in Research and Teaching and a NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement.

Seth Dworkin headshotProf. Seth Dworkin (Ryerson University) researches the development of novel numerical algorithms for combustion applications, the development of quantitatively accurate soot formation models and high performance computer simulation of combustion and soot formation in gas turbines. Prof. Dworkin was awarded the International Combustion Institute’s Bernard Lewis Fellowship for research excellence in 2008. Prof. Dworkin was named to the Bockhorn Visiting Professorship at The German Aerospace Center (DLR), in Stuttgart, Germany for the summer of 2011.


Prof. Pat Kirchen (UBC) is an expert in the characterization of engine particulate matter emissions using both conventional exhaust stream measurements, as well as in-cylinder approaches to directly consider the formation and oxidation processes. Prof. Kirchen has received the 2010 Kamm Jante Medal for an outstanding thesis in engine combustion research, awarded by the Scientific Community for Vehicle and Engine Technology in Germany.


WallaceProf. Jim Wallace (University of Toronto) conducts research on alternative fuel combustion in spark ignition and compression ignition engines with a focus on achieving low emissions. Current project partners include Safety Power Inc, Magna, Engine Control Systems, and Ford Canada. Professor Wallace is currently a project leader with the AUTO21 NSERC NCE program. Prof. Wallace was made a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 2001 for his contributions to understanding of alternative fuel combustion.

ZhengProf. Ming Zheng (University of Windsor) directs the Clean Diesel Engine Laboratory and holds the Canada Research Chair in Clean Diesel Engine Technology. He has active research projects in low temperature combustion, emission control, combustion diagnosis and adaptive control, and alternative fuel and biofuels engines. He has developed research collaborations with the automotive engine manufacturers that target improving the combustion process, exhaust emissions and fuel efficiency.